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CNC Milling and Turning

TJD Industriel – where precision prevails!Our MAZAK Quick Turn 250M CNC turning centre is impressively versatile, making it possible to perform multiple drilling, tapping and milling operations with precision control to 1/1000th of a degree.

The efficiency of the Mazatrol conversational programming language ensures that our rates for simple one-piece parts are always competitive, while the flexibility of the EIA/ISO programming mode allows us to fine-tune each movement and machining cycle for mass production or fabrication of more complex components. A second spindle helps minimize handling and storage of parts between the machining steps, maximizing cost-effectiveness for the manufacturing process.

Whether for simple or complex parts, for a prototype or large-scale production, we offer undeniably competitive pricing and production times.

  • 3-axis CNC metal lathe with 2 spindles
  • Machining capacity: 300 mm (12 in.) x 600 mm (24 in.)
  • Live tooling